Can you get exceptional design, exceptional cabinetry and live out of town?  YES, YOU CAN!

At Towne & Countree Kitchens, we are passionate about bringing our products to the rural markets!

Just because you live in rural Alberta, does not mean you should have to settle for anything less than exceptional!install

We are so excited to serve our rural customers, we will even deliver the cabinetry to your door!

You will be given an installation package that details how the product is to be installed.  Our designers are very detailed in this way so that your finished product is what was designed.  We will also give you access to our installers, should questions arise at install time.

40 years ago, our company was created to serve the farming communities of Alberta.  We still remember our roots.

From downtown or out of town, you can count on us for your cabinetry needs!!